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Ms Clinton and Mr Bush

From Charlie Rose's show on Fri, 6 July 2007. I can't give you a pointer, because I'm clipping this from Factiva, as provided from my local library. But see if this reminds you of anyone you know:


CHARLIE ROSE: And what is (Hillary Clinton's) greatest liability?

DON VAN NATTA: I think it`s -- I think she has trouble admitting mistakes. She does play fast and loose with the facts. I also think her devotion to secrecy is quite troubling. We quote somebody in the book saying, "She`s closer to Bush world than she is to the Clinton White House."

CHARLIE ROSE: Or more Cheney like.

DON VAN NATTA: Yes, yes. I mean, the loyalty...

CHARLIE ROSE: Where does that come from? Does it come from simply protective?


DON VAN NATTA: Yes, she feels she has been unfairly criticized for years. And the way to handle that, the way to deal with it is to just try to silence critics and to have pure loyalty among her people. Hillaryland really is this idea that if you speak out of turn, if you say something to a reporter and you are caught, your career is over.


DON VAN NATTA: With her.


On this, I'll agree with the Republicans -- it's not the ideology, it's character. Hillary Clinton's character is all too close to Bush or Cheney.

(Note: "The book" is Her Way, by Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta.)


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Jul. 13th, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
Wow. Comparing Hillary Clinton to Darth Cheney seems like a low blow to me. I'm just not seeing the similarity. (And for a bit of context, I'm leaning toward Obama for the presidential nomination at the moment.)
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