Long time, no write... and oh, yeah, would you like to have dinner?

akirlu has left me on my own recognizance for the weekend, as she's gone off to Spokane on fannish business.

So, I'm going to Café Vignole tonight at 7pm for dinner, and would enjoy it if I had some company. I'm fairly sure, even at this remove, that if you can see this, it'd be great to see you.

Vignole is at Rainier and 57th down in Rainier Beach. Here's my enthusiastic review on Yelp. I really like this place.

Brain flash of the day.

Cut the price of a widget, and demand for that widget increases. Cut taxes for state services, and what happens to demand for those services? Sell at a price (that is, a tax rate) that doesn't cover costs, and what happens to deficits in the face of that increased demand?

Grover Norquist has done more to expand government than anyone else alive in America today. (The all time record, of course, belongs to Howard Jarvis.)

Moving along

I have successfully been able to move all 1500+ entries from this LiveJournal to my site at http://www.halobrien.com/ I've also been able to do the same with my ~40 posts from my business blog, Not That Kind of Operation (NTKO). With my archives intact and grand unification achieved, that means this will probably be a read-friends-and-comment-sometimes LJ. New posts from me are much more likely to be there than here. (Today's "Dick Cheney has no pulse," for example.)

In related news, given how LJ seems to have just about quarterly crises of confidence somehow, I can report WordPress can import an LJ, comments and all, just fine. Ditto from Blogger. I mean, if you're thinking about such a thing, and have the hosting to match.

Is "travesty" a funny word?

I was driving home on Friday and heard this piece on NPR, all about the "Kilkenomics" festival.

"Mr. DAVID McWILLIAMS (Economist): What we've done is we've taken together Ireland's finest standup comedians and some of the world's finest economists. And we've come together for the first of its kind, which is an economics festival where the comedians ask the questions of the economists."

Sounds good, doesn't it? Economics, the neverending recesssion, comedy... What's not to like?

Well... Why isn't Yoram Bauman involved? Ph.D from the University of Washington, author of The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, Volume 1: Microeconomics, and, oh yeah, a comedic translation of Mankiw's principles so sharp and pointed Mankiw himself linked to a video interview of Bauman?

Why, indeed? It's not like Bauman is obscure in this field. If you google "economics comedy", the results are full of references to Bauman.

So... What happened? You wuz robbed, Yoram!

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