Hal (hal_obrien) wrote,

Spaceships are flyin' and the railroad's dyin'

I was able to root about and find a copy of "California Fairy Tale" by Jimmie Haskell.

Right click this link, and save.

The sung vocal is Joe Walsh. I have no idea who the news announcer is, or the bookended narrator.

Back in the Midland days, I was clearly drawn to the newscast. For something written in 1971 it's very much of its time, but it's not that wildly off of something Dick or Brunner would write.

Listening to it now, all the strings in the arrangement are amazing. Plus the foley bits. I could swear I hear a Space Invaders sound-sample in the mix under the end narration, but that didn't get released until 1978 -- which would've been right around when I first heard this, so that may be coloring my memory.
Tags: ancient mysteries, california '99, california fairy tale, haskell, lectroball, music

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