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Nate Silver reports that Washington's senate race may well have national implications this year:

"(T)he most important state of all (in assessing the Republicans' chances of gaining a majority in the Senate) was Washington. Republicans won Washington 88 percent of the time that they won the Senate by a single seat, but only 41 percent of the time that they fell one seat short. The difference there is 47 percent. Washington makes the difference between success and failure almost half the time."

Perhaps there are those who think the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans are no more significant than those between the Blues and the Greens in Byzantium.

I am not among them.

I have faith in the robustness of the American republic, and believe it can survive the turn of the wheel that must inevitably happen and return the Republicans to power eventually.

Still, I hate waste. If the waste of time, effort, blood, and treasure that will ensue after the Republicans' return can be held off legally and ethically as long as possible, through the strength of reason... I can only lend my voice to that call.

Please vote for Patty Murray, and then mail in your Washington ballot, if you're a voter in our state.
Tags: nate silver, patty murray, politics

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