Hal (hal_obrien) wrote,

Moving along

I have successfully been able to move all 1500+ entries from this LiveJournal to my site at http://www.halobrien.com/ I've also been able to do the same with my ~40 posts from my business blog, Not That Kind of Operation (NTKO). With my archives intact and grand unification achieved, that means this will probably be a read-friends-and-comment-sometimes LJ. New posts from me are much more likely to be there than here. (Today's "Dick Cheney has no pulse," for example.)

In related news, given how LJ seems to have just about quarterly crises of confidence somehow, I can report WordPress can import an LJ, comments and all, just fine. Ditto from Blogger. I mean, if you're thinking about such a thing, and have the hosting to match.
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